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Welcome to my moonbase, where I hope you will find either something interesting or enjoyable enough to stay for a while.

You may find useful tips or provoking thoughts on web design, thoughts about computers, both specific and in general. I have a gallery with both my own art and art from other people. You'll find information about the latest updates, detailed information about all the buildings here, as well as some free fonts for download. In my library you'll find my thoughts on comics, fantasy and science fiction, complete with what I find are some interesting links about the subjects. In addition, you may read short stories, poems and a cartoon: Sabrina Online. If you want to enjoy yourself, visit my fun house, where you will find games to play, read about other people's bummers and funny mistakes, and a brief history of MUD. You will also find your own Chinese horoscope, and learn how to tell your own or friends' fortune.

The space port is there when you want to leave my moonbase. You'll find it's a busy place with lots of travels,with many exciting destinations, sorted in various categories for your ease.

Go read my blog, Random Thoughts, too. What will be written? No idea - just random thoughts, maybe?

But, before you leave, maybe you would like to yell at me, taking delight in telling me about all the things that are wrong and outright bad about my site. You can do it easily in the information, and I won't mind at all. (Of course, I won't mind if you include what you found working good, either...)

Enjoy your stay.

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