Computer Talk

In this section, you will find some articles and opinions of general computer-stuff that interests me. My view may differ quite a bit from the main stream at times, but I welcome any feedback I get, wether it is on what I write or what I left out.

If you really disagree with what I've said, and don't want it to stay undisputed, you're welcome to mail me your views for publishing, too. This also applies if you want to write about something I haven't.


Article Content
The Amiga The article I wrote for my first pages. I'm keeping it mostly for nostalgic reasons ;-)
What is an Amiga? Ode to the Amiga? (Old, nostalgic article - but still valid.)
Windows is a virus? A humouristic view comparing Windows and virus.
The New Amiga The Next Generation Amiga - what is it's future?
Is breaking up bad? The remedies agains Microsoft discussed in view of a study that claims it'll cost us consumers $30 billions.
Successful computers Thoughts on what makes a successful computer