[Composer] Hello, and welcome to my page.

Perhaps you wonder who I am? I've been the companion of Svein Kåre since summer 1985. Well - it's a stronger relationship than just a companionship, as he gave birth to me all those years ago. That would make him my... mother? Father? I just call him my master - after all, I'm his!

I've even won a beauty contest - or something. My master sent in some pictures of me,and later got a letter (and a piece of artwork) from the judge, Danny Flynn - the prize for creating such a beauty as me never came, though. (But that's not Mr. Flynn's fault, but the organizers of the competition. What Mr. Flynn said and did made my master very happy, though - and he later found out that it's everywriter's dream to have this famous artist making the coverpicture on their books.) What the letter said? Ah, I was the overall favourite of all contestants. It pleased my master immensely reading that. I was even adviced to have my own illustrated biography published, but do you think my master have done anything? Nah, there seems to always be "something else" to do. Tell him to get his finger out and start working at it, please.

[Text from the letter]
"I was the overall favourite of all contestants"

[Picture of Danny's letter]Now, you may have wondered what kind of creature I am? Well, I know from previous experience that it can be hard to believe, but I am actually a flower. A carnivorous one. But unless you're a piece of living meat the size of a pelican (or less), you don't have to worry. I had some traumatic experiences in my first years of living, and that taught me to adapt quickly; Not only can I survive on a vegetarian diet, I'm also able to move my roots on the surface of the earth, i.e. walk.

This ability is very popular by my master, and I have to pose for him in different postures. Sometimes clothed, but mainly nude. Of course, nudity is quite common among flowers, so that doesnt bother me. In fact, I feel less comfortable with clothes, but the situation sometimes require it, if not so much for my sake as for my master.

I wonder if my master is jealous? He keeps telling me that I'm copyrighted and that noone should try to clone me and present the clone as theirs. I don't like the thought of being cloned, either - it sounds too much like being kidnapped and enslaved. On the other hand, I don't think this is likely to happen, though.

Well then, I suppose that's it. Or what do you think?


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