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While the main article about webdesign gives you an overview over good and bad points in the various designs, the articles here goes into detail on various topics. If you want to write an article on a topic not covered, or your view differ from the one expressed in a current one, you're welcome to tell me by using the form below.

I'm also very interested in feedback, so that I can make these pages as useful as possible for you. Therefore I hope you will take time to tell me what you think of the articles you've read. Thank you.

Article        Content
Webdesign   The main article
Frames   The use of frames on a site - good or bad?
- Comment * "I can't ... understand why frames are frowned upon so much."
The ALT-text   The ALT attribute may not be so easy to understand always. What is it for?
Tables   Design with tables
favicon.ico   Microsoft's latest stunt - how do you use it?
Planning a website   Do some work in the beginning, and it may save you lots of work later.
Pop or popup?   Popup windows in design - are they good or bad?
Dos and Don'ts   Some quick tips to give you some ideas
Need to know - what?   When peole cooperate making websites, does the graphic designer really need to know HTML?
Awards   You'd like awards for your website. Here's what you need to think of to get them. (By Kang He Zheng)
Lines in CSS   Wonder how to draw lines using CSS? Here's how.
Keywords   How to use keywords to improve your ranking in search engines. (By Kathy)

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