Aaahhh, MUD. Love it. Not the dirty kind, but the game(s)

(Uh-oh... Stuck!) Well, what is this MUD thing?
There are several ways to explain this, according to who you ask. I prefer to say it's a virtual world where you meet friends (and enemies) with which you can speak, explore the world, maybe even build yourself a nice house. Or town, or whatever. Your imagination is the only limit. Well, there are some rules to be followed, as usual. Building, however, most often require you to have aquired a status as a Wizard or Witch on the MUD. More on this later.

There are several types of MUDs around, and based on many themes. In some MUDs, the social aspect is the most important, while in others, you're sent out on quests to solve and achieve a higher ranking. Fighting is a key element in many MUDs. To gain experience and achieve a higher ranking, you fight. Not that this is a bad thing, on most MUDs you're not allowed to kill other players, only the characters that is part of the game. As you gain experience from fighting and questing, you get higher rankings and more power, until finally you reach the status of Witch/Wizard - and become immortal. Now you have the power to build anything you want; New areas to explore, monsters to kill and quests to solve.

Of course, playing on a MUD where fighting is a vital aspect doesn't refrain you from chatting with others - people love to talk, even if they won't do it all the time. It is like real life: You don't have to sit in a chair to talk, you talk everywhere - when you work, go for a walk, go hunting (well, except when you've approaching the game...).

So, would you like playing MUD? Well, as long as you're not uncomfortable without a joystick, and there's nothing wrong with your imagination - yes, I think you would. But don't just take my word for it, try playing yourself. Then tell me later if you agree.

Where can I find and read more about MUD?

The Mud Connector gives you a lot of links to explore.