Telling the future

Humans have always wanted to know what the future have in store for them. To have an idea of what will happen in a few hours or days is not only to be desired, but in many cases also essential. Hunters planning where and how to bring down their prey. When to leave home to catch the plane. What will the weather be like tomorrow...

Predictions may be right or wrong. The prey might not be there, the plane is late, or we should have brought the raincoat... Errors do occur, maybe in the method used for the predictions. These predictions are based on probability, but is it possible to really look into the future? Some people believe that the time doesn't move straight from the past towards the future, and that it is therefore possible to "break the rules" and see what the future brings. And maybe this is true? We still don't know everything about the universe, not even time.

Dimensions of time

We have a tendency to look at life as a travel, like a ride with the car along the road. But we can't see forward or backward. Just through the side windows, at where we are at the present, and we can remember the road behind.

Some of us may have the ability to get out of the vehicle and up to the hights where they not only see the landscape on each side, but also the road which winds itself in both directions. They may see a sharp swing where they should speed down, a danger further ahead, maybe even a steep cliff where the road ends. Time wouldn't be the same with such a perspective. And even science have to admit that time and space are not constant, according to Einstein's theory of relativity.

Prophecies and remedies

Dreams are maybe the most common way to see into the future. Many have had dreams that seemingly told them about things that were about to happen, but we have little or no control over our dreams. Professional "fortune-tellers" often need some remedies; A crystal ball, cards, tea-leaves etc. It's not the remedies themselves that tell the future, they're just a means of focusing the mind. Oracles, shamans, fortune-tellers etc. have used and use many different remedies to aid them telling the future. Maybe we all have that ability?

Now, wether you're just curious, want to use this serious or just want to liven up a dull party, I'll describe a few methods used on the following pages.

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