This is me! Now, who is this guy who can't spell crazee... crazey... cras... who can't spell?

Well, as a favour to the curious of you, I'll lift the veil a bit:

I'm a male individual from the island Stord in the western part of Norway. Usually, I'm called Svein Kåre Gunnarson. Logical actually, as it's my name. I'm born in the year 1965, and I am still single - haven't found the right girl yet. And she hasn't found me either.
In addition to my personality according to the Kingdomality test and Chinese Horoscope, there's my vital statistics for those who really want to know...

Me again! I used to be working in «Boxer Technologies» - a multimedia company. Hoped this was my shelf in life, as it is a very interesting work. And working with computers and the internet the way I do here is what I could wish for.

Do I have any interests worth mentioning? I don't know - I'll mention them anyway!

I enjoy reading, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy. It's a genre many people have made their minds up about not to like before they've read anything, strangely enough. They don't know what they miss. But I digress. I also like reading crime and fairy tales. And comics - any type of comics - it's the first thing I go for in the newspapers. Of course, as I enjoy reading much, my wallet gets emptied and the shelves get filled rather quickly...

I also enjoy drawing. I'm most comfortable with the old-fashioned pencil and paper, and I sketch a lot whenever there's time and a piece of paper around. Most of it gets thrown away, but if I get a good idea from this, I'll try to make a nice drawing out of it. Even though I'm more uncomfortable when drawing with a mouse, it's still fun - if time-consuming. And the results aren't that bad either when I don't rush it...

Dionaea is a figure I love to draw in different situations. This special, carnivorous flower has been a faithful companion to me since 1986 (I think) when I made the first sketches. I've got much praise for this figure, especially after I put it up on my pages, and I've been told I should try to do something more out of this character. Well, I'll try.

Together with reading and drawing, computers are my great passion. (Well, maybe not passion.) I started with a C64 and a tape recorder back in '81. Had a lot of fun with that box, until I sold it in the late eighties. I upgraded to a C128 and disk drive at the time when a computer named Lorraine was developed, a computer with a whopping 256K of RAM, and over 4000 colours. But I could only dream about that one, even long after it was released under another name: Amiga.

But dreams sometimes come true. Finally, I could afford myself an A500, and I was thrilled. It was a great machine - so much better than what I was used to from the C128. Things got much easier, and the graphics much better. This was it, how did I ever get by with the C128? (Quite well, actually. Didn't sell it until summer '96)

Well, I was happy with the 500 for about 3-4 years, upgrading with more memory and newer OS. But newer programs required more, and being diskette-based wasn't fun anymore. I had to get myself a hard disk. Not that easy anymore - the A1200 had been in production since before I bought my 500, and HD controllers were more scarce. And it would be almost as cheap to buy me a used 1200 instead, so I did this. And this is the computer I'm sitting with now; an upgraded A1200. (And the A500 in the closet.) Quite happy - just wish I had a bit more money to upgrade it even more. Well, I suppose it will be, in time.

Now we have this Internet-thingie. If you're reading this, I suppose you enjoy it, you too. I first got interested in the Internet when I attended University; Not only could I find lots of files and interesting discussions on the Usenet - but there was also this thing called MUD. Not only could I meet and talk to other people, but at the same time I could build my own area on the MUD, to let other players come visit me and see what I'd made. I intended to start playing MUD again when I got hooked up to the net, but since the phone company raised their rates by 80%, well...

But surfin' the net and making my own homepages is just as fun. (Or nearly.) I can let others see what I've made, get their comments and so on. In fact, apart from the chat, this isn't too different from how I was mudding after I reached wizard hood. (Well, actually I was made a goddess - I played a female character. Without telling anyone but a couple, of course ;-) Being able to let others enjoy what I've made has always delighted me.

So, I hope you will enjoy yourself here on my pages. And remember, I would appreciate it very much if you would sign my guestbook before you leave, and maybe try yourself on a bit of storywriting. It doesn't have to be much - maybe just a sentence or two?

Well, anyway: Have fun!