Testing Opera bittorrent

I’ve tested bittorrent in Opera – found myself a nice, big file and started downloading. It worked. How was the experience?

Well – Opera delivered what was needed, and not much more. The information I got was the download and upload speed, how much was downloaded and uploaded, estimated time left to finish download and how many I was connected to. This is basically the information needed, even if a bit more could be nice to know.

As I didn’t leave my PC to itself but continued working on it, including accessing the web, there were some features I missed from dedicated torrent clients; a way to limit the bandwith use a bit. I won’t claim anything after just one test, but noticing that Opera maxed out the available upload bandwith, other things felt slower – at times much slower than usual. However, this can very well be other things, including but not limited to my own imagination running wild.

Now, editing ini-files seems to be a nice way to tweak Opera to do like you want, and as I learned today (no time to read all the info at once, before testing ;)) it is possible to tweak bittorrent settings, too. Can’t try it out for a while yet, but I still wish these settings will get an easy to use interface to make changes.

For the time being though, the changes you can make to the opera6.ini file are these:

[BitTorrent] – add this section header and use the following:

Setting Description Default
Enable Enables BitTorrent support in Opera 1
Warning Dialog Displays warning dialog before initiating BitTorrent download 1
Listen Port Port for incoming connections (make sure your port is available). 18768
Bandwidth Restriction Mode 1 = automatic upload restriction, unlimited download, 2 = fixed rate restrictions for upload and download 1
Max Upload Rate Maximum upload rate in kB/s. Used only if bandwidth restriction mode is set to 2 0
Max Download Rate Maximum download rate in kB/s. Used only if bandwidth restriction mode is set to 2 0

Author: Svein Kåre

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12 thoughts on “Testing Opera bittorrent”

  1. Amazing, but I wonder whether this effort was really needed… Personally, I think Opera does an amazing job with email+RSS, but they don’t market it around. I’m not sure whether Opera can be my main browser, but the mail client is very good and it’s a pity that it’s not available stand-alone and properly marketed. They already had podcasting and now bittorrent, and this makes them very well-positioned when these two “hacks” will integrate to change our downloading habits; however, I personally think they should market it around much more, especially in the US.

  2. i just installed opera 8.02 with bittorrent on my Fedora linux.. i need to edit the port settings for bittorrent… how do i do this?


  3. If you mean edit the port settings that Opera use, they’re in the opera6.ini-file, as described over.
    If you mean editing the settings in Fedora – I don’t know (don’t use Linux myself.) But maybe you can ask at the Opera forums?

  4. i have installed opera 8.54 on my PC and i need the bittorent plugin for this. from where can i download it?

  5. There is no need to change ini files in Opera. You can try about:config or opera:config in the address bar in Opera 9.x. Using those setup interface you don’t need to restart Opera for setup changes to take effect.

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  7. For all those peeps who need to edit their port settings for bittorrent there is a great website that helps you do it step by step:

    Enjoy downloading!

  8. @ vishnu:
    type in address bar: opera:config , then Find Bittorrent.
    Click on bittorrent and change parameters. Save and restart.
    no need of pluggin, torrent is included. Download a torrent file and the download willl start right away

  9. I am using Opera torrent and compare to uTorrent and Shareaza. I am going to test Vuze (Asureus) too. Until now – or by chance, uTorrent and Shareaza download at around 10kB/s while Opera at 50-60kB/s !! I’ll continuu testing.

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