Bittorrent in Opera – it’s a glimpse into the future

Not too long ago, a Technical Preview of Opera (Opera 8.02TP) was released with support for bittorrent, a move that was welcomed by many. So, when can we expect to see a final version of Opera with this support? I don’t know.

It has been clarified though, that a technical preview is not a beta release, just a glimpse into what the Opera guys are working with, and that bittorrent will not be included in version 8.02 Final. But in Opera 8.1, maybe?

I guess we’ll just have to hope Opera 8.1 is released quickly, then. 😉

Microsoft patenting emoticons!

Eh? What? I have a hard time believing what I just read myself, but Microsoft has patented emoticons (or well, filed for patent, patent no. 20050156873). More specifically, they’ve patented the method of making a character sequence, such as a colon and a right paranthesis, being “converted” into a graphic, which is recreated at the receiving end. That is, : ) becomes 🙂

On the one hand, I can’t believe that this is something people can have the idea of patenting – but I guess this is what happens if you can patent programming methods/algorithms.

It’s a crazy world. Or a stupid one.