Bittorrent in Opera 9

Now that bittorrent once again is included in Opera, and this time to stay, I though I could upgrade my earlier post so that those who arrive at these pages looking for the information, will get an updated and correct version. Opera 9 will have it slightly different from the 8.02 technical preview, in that it will be easier to configure.

First of all, remember that you need Opera 9, which currently is in beta. There is no plug in to make it work in earlier versions. While the beta version isn’t perfect, it’s quite stable, so it’s quite usable as the default browser, if you prefer. But – how does bittorrent in Opera 9 work?

Well – it couldn’t be easier. Torrent downloads are initiated by loading a small torrent-file in the bittorrent client, and in opera, you just click on the link to the torrent file, choose where to save the download, and off you go. Just as easy as a normal download, and it shows up in the standard download manager. When the download is finished, there is an extra addition to the notification, saying that you’ll keep sharing the file until you manually stop it.

When you get the dialog box where to download, there is an option there to set the preferences. What some have wondered about is where they can find the preferences without starting a torrent download. It’s not obvious, but in the address bar, you can type opera:config, and you’ll get a nice page with everything you can configure in Opera. Bittorrent is almost at the top.

The preferences are:

Bandwidth Restriction Mode
1 = automatic upload restriction, unlimited download, 2 = fixed rate restrictions for upload and download
Enable/disable bittorrent. If you prefer an external program, disable the internal client here
Listen Port
Port for incoming connections (make sure your port is available).
Log File
Well – it’s where you want the log file…
Max Download Rate
Maximum download rate in kB/s. Used only if bandwidth restriction mode is set to 2
Max Upload Rate
Maximum upload rate in kB/s. Used only if bandwidth restriction mode is set to 2
Warning Dialog
Enable/disable – Displays warning dialog before initiating BitTorrent download

There it is. Now you can try out Opera 9 and the built in bittorrent client yourself. 😉

Author: Svein Kåre

I have too many interests for my own good, in that I don't manage to make time for them all. A bit artistic, which can be seen to a degree.