I’m a lallebommer

I’m a lallebommer. Don’t know the word? Don’t worry. Here’s the entry for your dictionary:

Lallebommer (noun): One who lalleboms
Lallebomme (verb): To stay up late, even if you know you should go to bed. The roots of the word are the Norwegian words ‘lalle’ (“babytalk” for go to bed) and ‘bomme’ (to miss) – meaning “going to bed – but missing (on the bed)”

Me, I’m lallebomming right now. I have been lallebomming for over three hours already, I’m afraid, but… Well, there must be other lallebommers out there who knows the situation well enough for me not to have to explain the reasons why?

But I’ve lallebommed long enough now. This lallebommer is going to bed right after publishing this post. (I think.) Have a good night, those of you who reads this at night!

The Bitty browser and my updates by feed

The Bitty browser looks like a cool feature – but how should I use it? For quite some time – or a couple of days a least – I didn’t have any idea for any useful use for my site.

I still don’t know if it’s anything useful, but at least I had an idea: Maybe I could use it as a preview of what my updates-feed for the site is like? The blog(s) aren’t mentioned there, as they have their own feeds, but the updates of the rest of the site – rare as they are – are duly in place.

Maybe I could make a page which links to the different feeds instead of just showing the updates feed, but…

Check it out – is it a good idea?