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Awards, Display Case 2

Dark Crystal

10th May '97
Morion gives away this award to sites she really likes - it's not possible to apply for it. And she's always enjoyed mine, she says.
I'm proud! Thank you, Morion.


7th Apr. '97
From Tipi, this is for Dionaea, my entry in her Spirit00n competition in connection with the Site Fights.
Thank you Tipi, both Dionaea and I love it.

Grapholina's Award

20th Mar. '97
Grapholina has a wonderful way of evaluating homepages for her award. Or what do you think of being put in her dungeon for a small week, while you wait for her judgement?
Luckily I managed to stay sane during the stay (I think), and it was worth the wait: I got her award and could take my place in the House of Champions in her Temple.
Thank you, Grapholina.


3rd Mar. '97
In his criteria for this award, Capricorn says he appreciates creativity, good themes and angles more than a page that show off the latest techniques in Java! Top notch technique won't save the page if there's nothing interesting present.


22nd Feb. '97
Chet surprised me once again when he made me an all-time favorite and sent me a personalized
Ace All-time Favourite Award for my contents and design.
I'm honoured, Chet. Thank you very much.