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Frameless award

26th Jan. '97
Chet made me very happy when he sent me this award, as he wrote:
"...Jeffrey and I occationally send some out, and your site certainly deserves it. I thought the Frameless Award would be suitable, since your site covers much ground in its own unique fashion. Enjoy!"
Thanks, Chet. I do!

Elite of the Web

24th Jan. '97
Just as I were looking over my pages, seeing what should be done next to make them as good as I can, this award came out of the blue into my mailbox. Guess I must be doing something right, then. Thanks, Hilde Mari, I do enjoy it!


7th Dec. '96
My second award. It came as a real surprise, and inspired me even more to continue developing my homepages. Thank you, Maeve, I really appreciate it.

Golden Grail

7th Dec. '96
This is my first award. It was an inspiration for me when I got it, and I knew then what I were doing were appreciated by others.