Stord Stord is where I call home, even if I don't live there now. It's the place I've been raised and lived most of my life, and where my heart is.

The island is often called "Norway in miniature" because the island scenery varies so much. You will find a rocky coast, high mountains, sheltered islets, and forest that cover the mountain sides. Stord is also called "Summer island" because of the many recreational activities we can offer during the summer months: boat excursions, deepsea and fresh water fishing, wind-surfing, sailing, tennis, swimming, mountain walks, art exhibitions and other interesting activities or adventures. Stord is well-known for the construction of "North Sea oil platforms", which are the largest and most advanced oil platforms in the world. They are gigantic structures up to 380 meters high and weigh one and a half millions tons.
Administratively, the island of Stord is divided into two townships: Fitjar (pop. 3,700) and Stord (pop. 15,700).

Leirvik (pop. 10,000) is the largest town on the island. It is also the administrative, industrial and commercial center of Stord. In Leirvik, you will find a wide variety of shops and services near the quay.

Sagvåg (pop. 5,000) is the second largest town. It lies in a snug harbour on the southwest side of the island.

On the northern part of the island you will find the lovely village Fitjar (pop. 1,500) which offers a variety of goods and services to tourists. It is not far between the tourist attractions in this region. Frequent daily express boats/bus services and car ferries link Stord to Bergen, Haugesund and Stavanger.