How to tell the future

When will I marry? Who will I marry? Will I lose my hair?

People come to my site after searching for how to tell the future, and while here, some try to find the answer to their more personal questions. I can’t really help them there by providing the straight answer, but maybe I can help by automating the calculations for those who would like to use the numerology method in their quest for answers?



Author: Svein Kåre

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8 thoughts on “How to tell the future”

  1. will you please tell me how to tell the future myself? I am so eager to know about my future and others. I want to learn about what might happen even if its not always true.

  2. I’m afraid I can’t tell you more than I already do in the article linked to above, and the three methods mentioned there: Numerology, runes, and dice.

    And I must admit, it’s not something I do myself now, so I don’t have any more experience or advice to bring into it, either. Just try and see for yourself, if it’s something you can use.

  3. When will I go abroad ? Is it anything blocking on my way . And I would like to know what will be my future .

  4. Iz Tyler the one for me and will i ever have another chance!?Also how many kidz will i have and will i ever become famous!?Does Tamieka really even care about me and will caitlyn be around me all my life!?And last does Tyler really love me and how many people really care about me and who!?

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