Spammers will win?

I have one thing in common with the majority of you: I hate spam! I use various mail addresses for specific uses to help sort the mail in various folders, and filters to throw spam in the spam folder automatically. A few false negatives happens from time to time, but they’re easy to pick out from said spam folder and trash the rest.

However there are of course those who don’t ignore the spam, and that’s the reason we can’t get rid of the problem. Not only do people fall for the temptation to reply to spam that ends up in their in-box – some are also replying to the spam that’s filtered to the spam folder! With such a behaviour, where’s the incentive to stop spamming?

I favour more and more laws that makes it illegal to send spam, period! After all, it’s not impossible to reach potentional customers without sorting to spamming.


GMail Hacks

A mail dropped in to my mailbox today, and it contained a link to an article about gmail hacks; how to get the most out of your gmail account. An interesting read, especially for those who haven’t had time to look around at what’s possible.

Incidently, I have a few invitations for gmail accounts if you would like one yourself – just give me a hint and a working email address I can send the invitation to… 😉