How to tell the future

When will I marry? Who will I marry? Will I lose my hair?

People come to my site after searching for how to tell the future, and while here, some try to find the answer to their more personal questions. I can’t really help them there by providing the straight answer, but maybe I can help by automating the calculations for those who would like to use the numerology method in their quest for answers?



Statistics lie, but…

…when I looked at the statistics of my site, and how the browser stats have changed during the four months I’ve been with my current host, I’m a bit happy. True – it’s only telling anything about the visits to my own site, but that’s the one important to me. I also could have taken into account various sources that may skew the numbers this way or that way – but I don’t bother too much about that either. I’m not looking at getting the exact numbers as much as how the numbers change – and that’s what I’m looking at here:

September October November December
Internet Explorer 80,5% 81,9% 76,4% 74,2%
Opera 2,2% 3,0% 4,9% 8,3%
FireFox 2,6% 6,0% 5,6%
Mozilla 6,6% 4,1% 1,5% 3,0%
Safari 1,4% 1,4% 1,9% 1,9%
Netscape 2,1% 2,1% 3,6% 1,3%
Konqueror 0,8% 0,3% 0,4% 0,2%

It’s fun to see Opera and Firefox making such strides forward, and Internet Explorer losing terrain – especially since my site isn’t one which should be of a kind that attracts people interested in using standard adhering browsers over IE users. So far in January Opera and FireFox is both between 6 and 7% – it will be fun to see how this will develop in the time ahead. Hopefully, more and more will use modern browsers and drop the dinosaur.