The Evolution of Dionaea


It all started a long time ago, long before history itself started, on a Tuesday. God had just finished creating the grass, the trees and flowers and all the plants that were covering the earth. Among all these flowers, there was one flower called Dionaea. Dionaea was a carnivorous flower, and needed meat to survive. Unfortunately, God wasn't going to create the birds and the animals in the sea for another two days, and the land animals one day after that, so there were little food around. In fact, there were nothing for the carnivorous Dionaea to eat.

As we all know, we can survive a couple of days without food without other problems than getting very hungry in the end. In those days the situation were a bit different, as the days were slightly longer - a thousand years or so. Going hungry for a day or two simply weren't possible at that time. But what could they do? Nothing, of course, so they just enjoyed themselves as best they could, making small seeds that might have a better chance. Of course, being flowers this was a pretty natural behavious to them anyway, but God looked at them and felt sorrow for them; They would have no future without His help. He then created an earthquake, so that many seeds fell deep into the earth where they would lie dormant until the conditions were better for them to grow and prosper.

And there they lied, deep down in the earth, first to awake in the Quaternary period...