Others Art

Have you made some art yourself, that you might want the rest of us to see? Send it to me, so that I can exhibit it here in my Art Gallery.

NB! You may not use this art yourself without permission from the artist.

Lady from Bali

This wonderful lady
from Bali is drawn
by May Lis.

Much Ado About Nothing

Click image to see full version

Click image to see full version

Art by Elaine Carter
Email: Wyvvern@aol.com
These two images were made with the simple Paint that comes with Windows. If you want to see even greater art by her, make yourself the favour and visit her homepages.
(Or you can see another picture by her in my harem library...)

Morion's abilities to make beautiful flower-pictures can't be denied. Just look at this one...

Homepage: Morion's Home