Flowers on splashing background

Today I want to share with you a painting experiment I did recently. I had an idea, and wanted to see if I could manage it: Splashing wet paint on the canvas and letting it run down, before adding a motive on top. OK, it didn’t turn out quite as I imagined, but I did try something new.

You tell me if I should be happy about it.

A bouquet of various flowers

The Inspiration

I’ve seen several paintings where some paint is running down the canvas, and at times this makes a wonderful effect. The seed was sown in me, the idea to make a painting myself, using that effect. But I didn’t really have any idea of a motive I would try this with myself, until a digital painting simulating the effects got my mind working. It was a simple painting, with just a few random, loosely painted flowers on a background with some paint splatter, and some watery paint drops running down the digital canvas.

I fell instantly for the image, and wanted to see if I could recreate something similar with real paint.

The Process

To create this painting, I used acrylic paint and a canvas. I started by making a gradient sky as a background. I mixed some water with various colours of paint to make it more fluid, splashed it on the canvas with a brush and let the watery paint drops run their way towards the bottom.

Then I painted the flowers themselves, loose and impulsive, in the mood right there and then.

Above you see the painting how it turned out. Not quite how I imagined it when I started, I admit, but still …

The Conclusion

Even though the painting didn’t turn out exactly as I expected, I’m glad I tried something new and experimented with different techniques. I learned a lot from this experience, and I think it’s important to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone sometimes. You never know what you might discover or create.

In hindsight, I should’ve tested and planned a bit more beforehand, and also been prepared for making a bit more mess than I dared to be in the environment where I started painting. And use a brush that could hold more wet paint for the splattering. But it’s all a learning process, and I’m not discouraged. With the right motive, I’ll be trying this again. Maybe even do a “second run” at this one.

What do you think of my painting experiment? Do you like the splashing effect and the flower motive? Have you ever tried something similar with paint? Let me know in the comments below.