Frames are good!

I've got to say - I'm a web designer/developer, from a programming background, and I can't for the life of me, understand why frames are frowned upon so much.

It entirely depends on the situation. Frames add completely necessary functionality for 'web applications' for example.

Yes bookmarking & indexing is an issue, but if the website is small, or isn't interested in search engine optimization, then it really doesn't matter.

And you can't say "I'd use tables over frames any day"! Tables do not serve the same functionality! They're completely different things!

One of the arguments I see so often, is that "frames are bad because a lot of framed web pages are badly designed". That is not an argument against frames, it's an argument against badly designed pages.

Frames might be someone 'ugly' to develop, but the end result is a 'technology' that is DEFINITELY required in particular situations. If you don't need that technology in your web page, fair enough, but if you do, then apply it I say!


My reply:

You're right, there are situations where frames are preferable, or even necessary. This particularly when it comes to web applications - an area I didn't think of when I first wrote the article. There frames may be your only option.

But with normal webpages, my opinion is still the same; There are better ways than using frames - and not because frames can be misused. Anything can be misused.

True, tables - or better CSS - does not give the same functionality, but my point is that you usually don't need that functionality. Much of what people like with frames you can achieve by other means, without the penalties.

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