What is an Amiga?

An Amiga is the look and feel. An Amiga is knowing what's inside and what it can do. An Amiga is being techy enough to open the case and do it yourself. An Amiga is wishing for more ram, an accelerator card, more hard drive space ... but knowing that you can do what you need to do without all those things if you just can't get them yet.

An Amiga is a small footprint, tight OS, small ram doing big jobs, 3400 cps reliably with a 28.8k modem and a 68030. An Amiga is subtle power that can't be measured in mips, mflops, diskspeed, or any other man made measurement tool, you just 'feel' it. An Amiga is that feeling you get after a long day at work on some other platform, when you click the power button strip and the screen lights up at home.

An Amiga is that kooky bunch of friends you have made from all over the world who are friendly, helpful, willing to offer advice to anyone who asks. An Amiga is all those pd/shareware/commercial programmers who not only give us their talents, but their time and expertise as well. An Amiga is the feeling of belonging to a special group of people unlike any you have ever met for their openness, their compassion, their willingness to engage in debate and to assist with the most mundane of problems.

An Amiga is like the amendments to the US constitution, without us pushing, correcting, cajoling, debating, protecting, defending, arguing, even fighting for what we believe in ... where would mainstream computing be today?

It would be an 8088 ... Viva la Amiga!! Viva la Amiga Consortium!

Gary Peake


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