Free 4GB iPod Nano?

I got a little begging mail from a friend myself, to visit a site and fill in what it said, and we’d both get a free iPod Nano. Well – I thought I should bite this time and try, after all what did I have to lose?

Well – it turned out it was a bit more for me to do to achieve the prize: I have to refer five more people myself that will have to register and take up one offer themselves. How? Well – I could send them an email, or by instand messaging, or even post a link to my blog. As you suspect, I’m writing this entry to post the link – those of you who want to give it a shot and try to get a free iPod Nano yourself may want to try it.

Get a FREE iPod Nano! (Offer is for all countries, but it seems Americans — or should that be USers? 😉 — will have an easier time at the moment…)

I will update the post (or write in the comments) if it works. As long as I actually refer 5 people who go the line out, that is… (What is there to lose?)

Author: Svein Kåre

I have too many interests for my own good, in that I don't manage to make time for them all. A bit artistic, which can be seen to a degree.

5 thoughts on “Free 4GB iPod Nano?”

  1. Hey hey, you know I’m crazy ’bout Apple so tell-me how to get one for free (If it’s true of course)
    Go on my blog, I update it and … I succes to put a map on it!!
    Yahooo! It always miss some pictures about Russia but Now I’m on my blog, I decide to update the U.S.A and then Russia!

    Don’t forget me for the iPod


  2. Well — I still have to believe it’s true, but of all the ones who have visited the site and registered themselves, none have made the final step and actually bought something through the ads there… (I guess all of the ads is for something you have to buy, so “free” may be a slightly wrong word to use for the iPod… ;))

  3. AMAZING. My ipod just stopped working a few weekes ago. The hard dreive wouldn’t “turn over”. I could hear it clicking and see he apple logo flashing on but no sad face or anything. I was sad. I don’t want to spend $$for a new ipod.

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