37 names of Brazilian music

Find 37 names of the Brazilian music scene
72 bands may be hidden in the Virgin-picture, but it’s an idea that was to good to be left alone – so why not repeat it?

In this image, 37 names of Brazilian music are hidden.There are bands and artists, operating or extinct, of the rock to funk music.

I can’t say I’m particulary knowledgeable of the Brazilian music scene, but this makes me curious. So if anyone knows of any names hiding in the picture, please comment. 🙂


Author: Svein Kåre

I have too many interests for my own good, in that I don't manage to make time for them all. A bit artistic, which can be seen to a degree.

6 thoughts on “37 names of Brazilian music”

  1. Hello, I´m brazilian…. I know some names of bands of the picture.
    I have to look more carful to find out more, but just looking right kow I can find some:
    Jota Quest
    Pato Fu
    Mamonas Assassinas
    Ratos de porão
    Ivete Sangalo
    Asa de Águia
    CPM 22
    Nação Zumbi
    Cachorro Grande

    I can´t explain where are all those because it would take much time!! But that´s fun!!!

  2. 1. Mamonas assassinas
    2. Bidêobalde
    3. Pato fu
    4. Los hermanos
    5. Ratos de porão
    6. Engº hawai
    7. Rpm
    8. Jt quest
    9. Mulheres negras
    10. D2
    11. Cachorro grande
    12. Ivete sangalo
    13. Banda eva
    14. Cidade negra
    15. Raimundos
    16. Kid abelha
    17. Chiclete com banana
    18. Dominó
    19. Cpm22
    20. Mundo livre s.a
    21. Titãs
    22. Barão vermelho
    23. Ultraje a rigor
    24. IRA!

  3. CONT……..

    24. Ira
    25. Sepultura
    26. Angra
    27. Death fish
    28. Tribo de jah (dúvida…???)
    29.roupa nova
    30. falcão ( acho que é falcão, mas tb pode ser asa de águia como a monique disse)

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