I’d like the full text, please

Up until now, I’ve just served part of the full text in the feeds from this blog, so that you would have to visit to read it all. Why did I do it this way? Well – I’m not sure… Getting visits to my pages are nice of course, and there’s always chances you’d see and try links to other parts of my site, maybe even the store (which I of course heartfully recommend ;))

Then again, if you should become interested in what I have to write, you’d have to read it first, and to be tempted to read me you’d better get a real taste, and… Well – from now on, it’s full text feed. I hope you’ll enjoy.


Author: Svein Kåre

I have too many interests for my own good, in that I don't manage to make time for them all. A bit artistic, which can be seen to a degree.