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Up until now, I’ve just served part of the full text in the feeds from this blog, so that you would have to visit to read it all. Why did I do it this way? Well – I’m not sure… Getting visits to my pages are nice of course, and there’s always chances you’d see and try links to other parts of my site, maybe even the store (which I of course heartfully recommend ;))

Then again, if you should become interested in what I have to write, you’d have to read it first, and to be tempted to read me you’d better get a real taste, and… Well – from now on, it’s full text feed. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Opera’s New Year Celebration: Wow!

New Year in Times SquareWow. Just… Wow! we knew that Opera planned a surprise for the new year – a big surprise – but I guess the surprise is bigger than most of us could think. One user in the Opera community will, together with a guest, spend New Year in New York, and tickets to the ABC New Year’s Eve party. And not only that: Said Opera user will have his/her face shown on the ABC SuperSign in Times Square!

Old and new members of the Opera community have the chance of being picked, so hurry up. If you haven’t converted to Opera yet, go download it (and use it, of course ;)) become a member in the community, and upload your picture and hope to be picked. (Or beg, or try to convince everyone in some way that you are the one that deserve this.) You have 9 days.

72 Hidden Bands

Image where 72 bands are hidden
This seem to be all over the place now, but as far as I can see, the image linked to is very often the wallpaper at Virgin Digital – and this lacks some vital hints at the left, where the image is cut off. So, I cloned it back in.

Have a look at the high resloution picture, and see if you can find all 72 bands. (Hey, maybe it’s possible to find some that the artist(s) didn’t think of, too? ;))