Opera 8.5 – both free and banner free!

A while ago, we were told by Opera that they would have some big news for us at a later time. Speculations were rife if this meant a free version of Opera without advertising banner – but we didn’t know, and Opera wouldn’t tell.

Then there was a party, and to celebrate its 10 years, Opera gave away free registration codes. This were of course big news, and millions got their code for free. So in a way, it seemed that the big news we were promised were a free browser, without advertising – if not the way it was expected.

However, don’t forget: This is Opera, a company with a great taste for PR. Today Opera 8.5 was released – and it’s free! The advertising banners are gone! If the banners were turning you off earlier, now there’s no excuse anymore. Go to Opera, download it. And if there’s too much traffic, download with bittorrent.