“Murder, he wrote”

Authors have tried experimenting with publishing their books in different ways on the web. Some put their old book(s) on the web, some put their new book out. Some serialise the book, some put it out all at once. Here’s a new way: The blook!

Tom Evslin is trying a new twist with his work, the murder story hackoff.com: He’s blooging his book! The web site is complete wit a faus company site (the company in he story) a wiki, forum and the unfolding story, so that readers can take part in it. I think this is an exciting experiment – it will be interesting to see how it develops.

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Hamlet as Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction – or old fashioned adventure games if you want – may not be particularly visible these days with the commercial interests mostly being in other genres, but it’s still thriving. Also on the web.

I have no intention of writing a lot about IF this time, but the classic Hamlet by Shakespeare caught my eyes just recently. Not the book as such, but a little reworked into an IF story. So instead of encouraging you to read the book, I propose that you try to play Hamlet.