Silly Stories

Thank you for your interest in helping me.

As you guess, this will all be more fun if there are many stories to choose from, at random. It will be harder to remember all the combinations of words if you play many times, making it all much more fun and surprising. I'd like you to help me write these stories.

Writing the stories can be a lot of fun too, thinking up a lot of weird things that can happen in dangerous adventures, detective stories or romantic encounters, or... Who knows? So, grab a piece of paper (or use the form below) and let your imagination flow. You can of course get help too, writing together with friends or grandchildren, parents or neighbours, write one story together, or each one write one.

When the story is finished, I would like to have a copy, so that I can put it up on my pages for everyone to play. I can't offer much in return, other than thanking you, putting your name and a link to your homepage up on these pages - if you want to. But, wouldn't it be nice if people could have fun with something you wrote?

You don't need a computer to play this, of course - just use your paper and pen and play. You can ask other people (that don't know the story) for the words you need; Nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on. In the end, when you have filled out all words, you can read the story aloud for everyone. It can be really funny, especially if there are many people.

But if you do send your stories to me, as I hope, it would be nice if you could write it the following way, placing <!--Word--> in the spot where you want to insert the word. Of course, you would have to tell what kind of word to insert. Examples can be:

There can be other types too, if you need it. If there are more than one word of a type, you can number them: <!--Adjective 2--> for example.

If you don't know what type a certain word is, you can write it the following way so that I can take care of it:

Peter <!--(jumped)--> on the wolf.

You can mail the story or stories to