The numbers tell you the future.

Now, to use numerology to help you tell about the future, you must first decide what you want to know about, so think of a question. Say, "Will I get rich?" Important: You must not rephrase the question afterwards - that will give you the wrong answer! You may have wished to know if you get rich TOMORROW (at the Lotto...) but the question is asked. And you know what you meant when you worded it first time. Remember, numerology is just a tool to help you focus your mind.

After the question is asked, we must decode it:

Question: Will I get rich?
There are two steps:

  1. How many words in the question? 4
  2. How many letters in each word? 4 1 3 4
Write the numbers down on a line, number of words first: 4 4 1 3 4
Now we must break down this line into one number. Do this by adding the neighbouring decimals. If the result is greater than 9, subtract 9:


We now have another line: 8 5 4 7
Repeat until you're left with one decimal. You will have an upside-down pyramid, looking like this:

 4 4 1 3 4 
  8 5 4 7
   4 9 2   (4: 8+5=13, 13-9=4)
    4 2    

So, we're left with the number 6. Doesn't tell you much right now, does it? We must interprete it, and that's the tricky part...

We have two categories of numbers: Odd and even. Odd numbers indicates a negative answer, even numbers indicates a positive answer. We can use this simple table to aid us in the interpretation:

Negative Answers Positive Answers
Very soon/A definite "No"  1   2  Very soon/A definite "Yes"
   3   4   
   5   6   
   7   8  Not for a long time/A vague "Yes"
Not for a long time/A vague "No"  9     

As we can see, the numbers can tell you both the time it will take before the question might be fulfilled, or the "quality" of the answer, how good (or bad) the result will be.

Let's use two scenarios for my question:
1. I asked generally, not thinking about anything special.
2. I thought about the Lotto draw tomorrow...

Scenario 1:
I know I will be rich since I got an even number. The answer was "Yes". But does the value indicate how rich I will be, or how long time it will take? I didn't think of a time period when I asked the question - it might be the time it takes. And as we can see from our simple table, it'll take some time... As there's no limited period, we must think of "2" as "immediately" (more or less) and "8" as "the final days". Probably. (It can be the final days of my working career, though...)

Summary: I will get rich, but won't hold my breath waiting for it.

On the other hand, it could tell me how rich I'll get: 8 would be "rich, but barely" with 6 a bit better than that. Better keep the job I have...

How can I know how I should read that number here? I have no good answer to that, except to practise and learn.

Scenario 2:
OK. We know the time, we will get rich tomorrow. But how rich? The value of the number tell us approximately. Will it be the last prize? No! That wouldn't make us rich. But maybe a second prize or two? Here you must use your experience and have a guess based on previous prizes; the number 2 would indicate a top prize... (Or you could wait until tomorrow and see, of course.)

What? You didn't get rich? Are you sure you wrote down the question as you first thought of it? Thoughts come and go quickly, you know...

You did? Well, there might be other reasons it didn't work for you:

I can't say which (if any) of these are correct. You have to decide for youself. But then again - maybe it did work for you...

In any case, finding out how to read the numbers take practise. The more you practise, the easier it will be to get it right.

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