The Tiger is truly the embodiment of animal magnetism; a born leader, fiercely competitive, never afraid to fight. Not easily influenced, the Tiger's natural authority is seldom disputed.

The Tiger is also a great stimulant to others, either through brilliant conversation, where unexpected and novel ideas are constantly paraded, or by sheer physical presence, since appearance is often designed to overawe the less confident.

But while bravery, rashness and impetuosity are the hall-marks or the Tiger-personality, Tigers can nonetheless be warm, sincere, and even ardent in love. In this and other respects, the Tiger is unlikely to be restrained by convention. However, since the Tiger is essentially a symbol of masculinity and virility, the Chinese tend to distrust women born in the Tiger year, although doubtless the Tigress- personality would be to the fore of the Feminist Movement today.

The Tiger's competitive streak is excellent material for those business activities where aggression rather than diplomacy is likely to bring more favourable returns. Tigers are likely to succeed in sales, personnel management and uniformed careers. They should take care, however, that their manner does not gain them enemies along the way.