The Snake is the astrological companion to the Dragon; the Yin to the Dragon's Yang. However, while sharing many of the Dragon's exotic qualities, the Snake is more restrained, and more refined; insinuating rather than extrovert. Indeed, in matters of taste and style, the Snake admires subtlety, preferring elegance of line to boldness of colour.

Snake personalities often make their way to the top, but they are by no means pushy, using others to get them there. They ensure that they are in the right place at the right time, which means when the right people are there as well.

Snake-types are also adept at giving the impression that they know far more about a subject than they intend to divulge; and while a strict sense of propriety prevents them from telling lies, they are not adverse to double-dealing when it suits them. Fond of scandal, they are not above creating it, vicariously enjoying the frissons of others' disreputable behaviour.

The Snake's ability to gather up information suggests an aptitude for research, detection or academia, all areas which should satisfy the Snake's analytical brain. Social or domestic activities, meanwhile, will generally need to be tailored to allow for powerful sensuality.