The Sheep is traditionally regarded by Chinese astrologers as embodying the essence of the Yin principle. It is, therefore, the most 'feminine' of the animal signs, associated with affection, caring, trust and selflessness.

The positive side of the Sheep-nature is best seen in its artistic talent. This usually, however, finds expression in craftsmanship rather than originality. Sheep can also be a touch too fastidious, which in many respects explains why their creative natures are bot normally explored.

Complacent and avoiding confrontation whenever possible, such an inoffensive character would get nowhere in life were it not for a personable and ingratiating quality. The Sheep is ever diplomatic and often succeeds where active aggression would fail.

The Sheep is a follower rather than a leader, and thus operates best in the company of others. No Sheep, however, is happy when being directed by others, preferring a democratic community, where decisions are shared. In times of crisis, the Sheep urgently needs guidance and direction, although offers of assistance will probably be staunchly resisted.

The Sheep may be involved, either professionally or voluntarily, in social work of some description, while a sensitivity for the arts may well lead to a career in music or a craft. However, it often takes a strong motivation, such as providing for a family, to bring out any spirit of industry.