Although the Rooster is a male bird, astrologically this is a Yin or 'feminine' sign, the counterpart of the Monkey. Even so, the qualities it reveals - determination, pride, and confidence - apply equally to either sex.

Abrasive and bordering on the aggressive, the Rooster frequently alienates people who interpret frankness as rudeness, and style as affectation. These qualities, however, are the prerequisites for anyone as resolute as the Rooster in pursuing a career. A shrewd business sense will not prevent the Rooster from making seemingly extravagant gestures: but in fact there is usually an underlying motive not immediately apparent to the casual observer.

The Rooster is alert, joining a fundamental punctiliousness with precise attention to detail. The problems arrive when so many projects are taken on that, inevitably, the less troublesome get lost in the sheer volume. This happens, not just in business, but in personal relationships as well, when the quieter, more reserved members of the Rooster's social circle or family may be neglected or forgotten.

Stamina in business and vitality in play contribute to making the Rooster a stimulating companion - for those who can measure up to the mark. The Rooster has high ideals and, being a perfectionist, has little tolerance for people whose standards are second-rate.