The last of the twelve astrological animals, the Pig is the symbol of conclusion and completion, too. Accordingly, the Pig's ambitions are concerned not so much with career, but the benefits which come at the end of it. While the Dog (the Pig's complementary sign) reminisces, the Pig looks forward to retirement.

Much more pleasant creatures than the Western use of the term would perhaps suggest, Pigs are home-lovers whose prime concern is the family. They are particularly natural beings, shunning displays or pretence, and enjoying company and jollity generally. Caring and industrious, Pigs are far from lazy; and their homes will bear ample evidence of an aptitude for carpentry, needlework, and other domestic skills.

In business, too, Pigs are the finishers, the ones who put the last necessary touches to a project, and in this respect they may become extremely successful financially. On the debit side, they are naive and trusting, falling easy prey to the confidence trickster. Pig personalities who opt for a career, as distinct from a job, enjoy such caring professions as nursing or counselling. Otherwise the Pig's genuine concern for others will become apparent through voluntary work and, locally, the Pig will almost certainly be known as a good neighbour.

Hard-working, hospitable and trusting, the Pig gets on well with most people, generally possessing a large and varied collection of friends. Inevitably some will take advantage; but though this may cause distress, the Pig will not wallow in self-pity nor harbour grudges.