An inventive and agile mind, together with an insatiable curiosity, produce a quick-witted schemer, always able to manoeuvre successfully round awkward situations. The Monkey is never at a loss for words, or ideas; but, alas, scruples are often in short supply.

Projecting an image of audacity and mischief, the Monkey hides a fundamental insecurity behind a mask of impudence.

Despite apparent popularity, the Monkey is never taken seriously, and this lack of recognition often leads to frustration. Since the Monkey detests being thwarted, resentment and pent-up anger can lead to bouts of depression. But once the Monkey learns how to deal with others on their own level - and it may take longer than expected to work this out - longed-for respect and approbation will follow.

Older and wiser Monkeys are able to channel their energetic and fertile imaginations into the solving of extremely complex problems; and such skills might be used by the micro-surgeon or the counterfeiter.

Generally, the Monkey is extremely versatile and can do well at almost anything. Success, however, can easily go to the Monkey's head, bringing out a latent arrogance which often alienates friends. But it is rarely long before the Monkey's agreeable humour and other engaging sociable qualities win them back again.