It is acknowledged throughout the Far East that certain Years of the Horse may breed tyrants, revolutionaries and vandals with no greater desire than simply to charge forward. Thankfully, not everyone born in 1906 or 1966 will turn out to be an Attila or Genghis; but collectively, those born in these years could prove formidable.

Whether male or female, Horse personalities feel more comfortable in the company of their own kind. The Horse may be afraid of the opposite sex, overawed by them, worship them, or disdain them, but relate to them - never.

Sporty and sociable, the Horse is the sort of person for whom clubs were invented. But sociability does not rule out competitiveness, although in sports the Horse prefers to be part of a team effort rather than perform as an individual. This is due in part to the importance which the Horse attaches to social standing. The Horse needs to feel successful, and to be seen as one of the gang.

Horse-types are good talkers, never short of conversation, though less quick with ready ideas. The latest news is always a good opening gambit, and the Horse is always keen to hear other people's opinions. Deep-seated prejudices, however, are hard to dislodge.

Love of social contact remains the most important force in the Horse's life; and whatever career is chosen, ideally it will involve close liaison with others.