A lover of the exotic, the Dragon is one of the most flamboyantly extrovert characters of the Chinese astrological calendar. Elegant and with a good eye for spotting the latest trends. Dragon-types are always to the forefront of the fashion scene, ever ready to adapt what is la mode to suit a very individual sense of style.

Blessed with an extraordinarily fertile imagination, the Dragon is forever dreaming up fresh schemes and ideas for new ventures, few of which are wholly practical. Such a mercurial character can be the despair of friends, and at work may even cause chaos if not surrounded by people capable of picking up the fragments of abandoned projects, albeit resentfully. Strong and decisive, resolute in a determination to follow interesting tracks which may lead nowhere, Dragons would become wealthy were it not for the fact that spectacular gains are as often as not offset by money wasted elsewhere.

The sign of the Dragon is an indication of an interest in the mysterious, the supernatural, and the occult. Dragon-types are also surrounded by an aura of good fortune which, however, disappears immediately a Hare approaches.

Dragons delight in any form of adulation, and both socially and in business they tend to seek out the bright lights. They are thus ideally suited to careers on the stage, but in general any sphere where there is close contact with the public provides a rewarding domain.