Fidelity, honesty and humour are among the predominant traits of a typical Dog-character. Such a likeable personality easily makes friends, usually long-lasting; and, being a steady worker, the Dog becomes a trusted and valued member of any community.

The Dog, however, is handicapped by conservatism, tolerating considerable hardship and inconvenience rather than choosing to make major changes. When circumstances force the issue, it takes a long time to adjust, no matter how improved conditions may be, and nothing is really ever as good as it was "in the old days".

Intensely defensive where friends and family are concerned, the Dog will not stand by while others are maligned: but sometimes a refusal to listen to warnings regarding the behaviour of children or other loved-ones can lead to severe domestic problems. The Dog has a sympathetic ear for other people's woes and is always ready with a shoulder to cry on. Rare displays of violent anger are almost always justified; but wrongs are quickly forgotten, and resentment only borne against those outside the intimate circle of family and friends.

Very active and liking sports of all kinds, the Dog can always be relied on to join in at social events, especially if these are outdoors. This can, however, lead to friction at home unless the partner is particularly understanding of the Dog's eagerness to mix.