37 names of Brazilian music

Find 37 names of the Brazilian music scene
72 bands may be hidden in the Virgin-picture, but it’s an idea that was to good to be left alone – so why not repeat it?

In this image, 37 names of Brazilian music are hidden.There are bands and artists, operating or extinct, of the rock to funk music.

I can’t say I’m particulary knowledgeable of the Brazilian music scene, but this makes me curious. So if anyone knows of any names hiding in the picture, please comment. 🙂


72 Hidden Bands

Image where 72 bands are hidden
This seem to be all over the place now, but as far as I can see, the image linked to is very often the wallpaper at Virgin Digital – and this lacks some vital hints at the left, where the image is cut off. So, I cloned it back in.

Have a look at the high resloution picture, and see if you can find all 72 bands. (Hey, maybe it’s possible to find some that the artist(s) didn’t think of, too? ;))


Why do people believe in fortune tellers?

Looking through my log certainly can be interesting. I get some nice overview of what people are searching for when they arrive at my pages, which again can prompt me to look a bit deeper into stuff, maybe to make things I’ve written clearer, add something to old pages, or write something completely new.

Now, I just found that someone found my pages by searching for the phrase that makes up the title of this post – why do people believe in fortune tellers? What he/she found was not the answer to that question, but three methods to tell the future yourself…

Am I able to answer the question if someone comes searching for it again? Well – not really. Personally I find the topic interesting, even fascinating, and also fun. I wouldn’t mind having my own fortune told in various ways, but I must admit, I remain highly sceptical of it. For the sake of this article, I did use my numerology calculator to ask “Does fortune telling work?” and got a highly positive answer, but… You do need to believe that it works to believe the answer 😉

But – why do people believe in fortune telling? Is it because it can give them answers science can’t? Because of a belief that there must be something more than just what science can tell us about life? Maybe some want to believe just because they think they can use it to control their own future? Or the opposite, that it doesn’t matter what they do because all is destined?

One think I’m sure of, is that if I’m lucky and people answer here why they believe, there will be different answers – not just one, common reason.


What Kind of Bra Are You?

OK, this test is really aimed more at the females than the males, but I just couldn’t leave it alone… (Wonder what this tells me about the girls for me? Hmmm…)

You Are a Lace Bra!

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Dinosaurs were the prey of mammals!

Some fossils of a couple of mammals in China provides the world with a surprise: The last meal of the smallest of them was a dinosaur. A small dinosaur, and not fully grown, but still a dinosaur.

This means that the view currently being held, that mammals at the time of dinosaurs were small creatures the size of mice, must be reviewed. Obviously. The smaller of the mammals – Repenomamus robustus – was the size of a cat, while the larger one – Repenomamus giganticus – was the size of a dog. Read more of the details around this in Wired, The New York Times article and opinion.

The fascinating thing is when you start thinking about what this means: Unless we ditch evolution in favour of creationism, these mammals must have evolved from smaller creatures – and I don’t think it’s very probable that the result of this produced only these two species. What more can be found? Also, it doesn’t take a very bright brain to realise mammals of at least this size coexisted with dinosaurs. I say ‘at least this size’, because up until this it was “well known” that the largest mammals coexisting with dinosaurs were the size of mice – who is to say we won’t find proof even lager mammals lived at that time, too?

Then I wonder – since we now know large mammals lived in the time of dinosaurs – can we be sure that the dating we have of fossils of mammals that size and smaller really are correct? Are all mammals previously believed to be from the time after the dinosaurs really are from such a late period? I may be going out on a limb here with wild speculations, but I would find it stranger if these two mammals were the only one found living in this period – and the dating game isn’t an exact science, that much I’ve read earlier.

In any case, it will be interesting to read more of this – if anyone have further links or more to ponder, please let me know.


No smoking?

As Norway got its smoking ban in places where people work – like restaurants, pubs and so on – there were an outcry from unhappy smokers, who had to go outside to smoke. Claims were heard that in no other country such strict laws were found. Well – at least not nationwide.

That claim can now definitely not be made anymore. The kingdom of Bhutan now has a ban on sale of tobacco products – with severe penalties for those who don’t comply.

Who’s next? Maybe smokers should be happy they’re allowed to smoke at all?



“Yoohoo,” he said. The sarcasm in his tone was biting. “Just started up and gone public, and lots of comments to my posts before 24 hours have passed. Gee, I’m popular.”

The downside to this popularity is of course the random nonsense the comments were spewing. And this lack of intelligence is supposed to draw people to their gambling sites?

A few comments managed to get posted before I got the spam filter adjusted – maybe I should bill them for the advertising? Because I don’t do free advertising.


Why Internet Explorer?

Sometimes I have to think long and hard to find reasons for why things are like they are, and sometimes I can’t find any sensible reasons no matter how long and hard I think. One of the questions that have roamed around in my head is why people continue to use Internet Explorer. That question belongs in the latter category.

Sometimes I have to think long and hard to find reasons for why things are like they are, and sometimes I can’t find any sensible reasons no matter how long and hard I think. One of the questions that have roamed around in my head is why people continue to use Internet Explorer. That question belongs in the latter category.

OK, I know it is straight forward and hasslefree to start using – after all, it’s already installed and ready to be used. There also still exist some sites that for some reason is coded to need IE. That’s two reasons in favour of IE, but is it enough to stay with that browser, and not switch to another? Will switching bring more hassle than staying with IE?

What is involved in switching? Well, there is the downloading part. This is a painless operation, both for Opera and FireFox, two of the most popular alternative browsers on the Windows platform. Installing? Just doubleclick on the downloaded file icon, and off you go, easy as a breeze. The most hassle involved in this switching operation, would be to get the finger out and just do it. It’s not hard. Of course, I must admit that it is a little bit more hassle than not doing anything, so this far IE may be at the top of preferred browsers.

Let’s start using this alternative browser we’ve downloaded – what can we expect? It depends. FireFox looks more familiar to IE users than Opera do, which can be an advantage to FireFox, but Opera can be configured to change appearance more than FireFox (unless I’ve missed something) so that it can suit your needs as you want. Both of them support tabbed browsing, popup-killers, and much more. Opera has some features that FireFox don’t and vice versa. Both of them have many more features than IE has.

Personally, I would at this point place both alternatives ahead of IE, just because of the extra features. However, if you haven’t tried these and not realised how useful many of them are, you may not look at them as advantages. IE still works well and do what you want, right?

So how does the browsers hold up against each other when actually browsing net sites? Well, there still exist some sites that require IE to be used, but these are luckily fewer and fewer in between. But don’t be too hasty in giving the points to IE here – more and more sites are beginning to utilise the capabilities CSS gives them, allowing every browser to access the content, but older browsers will get a visually downgraded version. IE belongs now in that category – it is an older browser, and is beginning to lose out at new sites. As widely used it is, many will do as much as possible to give IE users the same experience as the rest – but it’s not always possible, or wanted. At this point, the alternatives are ahead of IE, without doubt. For the rare sites where IE is required – well, IE is still installed, right? It can be used as a last resort, if those sites are important enough.

Some may want to wait for an update to IE, to keep what they’re familiar with. It will be a long wait: MS has said that there will no longer be any updates to the browser. Not as a standalone, downloadable program – only as part of future Windows (Longhorn.) Updating to a free browser now is cheaper and faster than waiting for Longhorn to come out.