Aliens prefer Firefox

I have it from respectable sources that the various crop circles are proof that aliens exist, because many of the geometrical patterns that are made are too complicated for humans to make in such a short time span as is used it many cases. Logically, it follows that aliens prefer Firefox.

They probably havent discovered Opera yet, or the Opera logo is too simple to make a crop circle of – who would it impress? 😉

Why you shouldn’t use Opera

You shouldn’t use Opera. Honestly – it’s an inferious browser, just ask any FFFB out there. It’s buggy and non standard and support too little CSS and shows a big, ugly ad in the interface and it’s not free. Oh, and it doesn’t have adblock.


That about wraps it up.

Oh, OK. It isn’t that buggy. And maybe it does follow the standards. And CSS support is good, after all, maybe.

But it doesn’t support all the CSS that Firefox support – that surely must count for something. Not?

And it certainly isn’t Open Source – you must pay for it. Or well, live with the ads, those surely are annoying.

Oh, and it doesn’t have adblock!


Not free, and not adblock. That decides it: Opera is an inferious browser. Better switch to Firefox right away.

I’m sorry – you’re too popular…

…so we have to boot you.

It seems that science fiction, in the form of the Dragon Page radio talk show is more interesting than politics and/or whatever – so popular they unseated the #1 show, and that’s not acceptable; they don’t sell as much ad space, you know.

Strange but true, but it is possible to be too good for your own good…

Notifying an 8 week crime spree in advance

A couple of students from Cornwall have publicly stated their criminal intent to break as many laws in the USA as possible this summer – such as riding a bike in a swimming pool or cursng on a crazy golf course in the state of California. In the land locked state of Utah they may even incur the wrath of Greenpeach in addition to the law enforcement, as they show some tough spirit and goes whale hunting.

There are many more laws to break – some may call them stupid laws, but nevertheless…

Read the full article in the Guardian.