Electric Racing Car

I have painted the covers on some sketchbooks for family members, and last out was for one of my nephews, who has been involved in making an electric racing car. And is involved in making a second one. So – the motive I would choose for his sketchbook should be obvious, right?

Yup. A red racing car. Electric, of course. However, I didn’t paint one that looks like the ones he’s been involved with – I used my artistic freedom!

A red racing car
The front cover

While it’s not “his” car, it’s undoubtedly a racing car, and I had fun coming up with how it should look, which took some time, and then painting it. Still with the “problem” of a coarse surface to paint on, making small details hard to paint. (At least for me, currently.)

But – how can we know that’s an electric car? Luckily I painted the back cover, too. So let’s see how it appears when taken in all at once.

Electric car, powered by an extension cord plugged into a wall socket …
The source of the electric power revealed

Here, my humour should be revealed. The car is of course powered by an extension cord plugged into a wall socket. It limits the distance it can drive, but hey! It’s electric, right?