Unicorn Poetry Page

© Copyright Amy Anderson

Why cannot I see the mystery
Hiding in your eyes

For I had found it once before

On a brief september morn.

I know I have not been faithful

Or else it would be there

But alas it's no where near,

You porcelain ivory eyes.

Mystery is like the unicorn

There but never seen.

It skips around like fairy wings

But never can be caught.

It lives in a world of dreams and myths

Where few are able to enter,

For when it's sought it's never found

But when not is all around.

Something is watching

But what can they can they be?

Doorways into space,

Portals into time?

Not moving an inch

Staring at you?

No, peering into

Your heart's pure content

For none can decieve

Those celestial globes

As they search for the one,

With the purest of souls.

Shining in the mist

Breaking through the dawn

The light is emanating

Into the darkest gloomy soul.

It changes all perspectives

Of our torn and shattered world

For that is it's only job

The unicorn's golden horn.

When I'm lonely and forlorn

I know someone is there,

Watching me and following me

My secret guardian angel.

She stands alone

Bright and clear

A scentry in the wind

I cannot see

Or breath her name

No one really can

For she is magical

And will not let down the guard

So when I feel her watching me

A smile invades my mouth

Cause though I cannot see her near

I know the unicorn is there.