Here I will provide you with small snippets of stories. Some may read as small stories of their own, while others may provide ideas for full stories at a later point. The ideas here are spanning over a wide field, from silly via amusing to serious. Maybe.

Fortune telling

"And what do my future hold?" the young, curious female asked. "Will I meet that tall, dark stranger we always hear of?"

The old crone giggled at her humour as she laid out the cards. "Well, I can see one special person in your life, but dark or not... I can see you enjoy both; Long ravenblack hair, and short blond hair. Huh?"

The crone was puzzled, but continued without a hitch. "I can see a friend and a lover, one who like to hunt - and seemingly be hunted in the same fields, but not quite. You will be faithful to him and he to you, but still - there's one person in the background, all the time but not the same time..."

The old crone had finished laying out the cards. "This is going over my head - I don't understand a bit..."

But the young lady just smiled secretly to herself, this relationship would be very exciting indeed...

Critical looks

I looked at myself in the full length mirror, staring critically at my looks. My daughter was beside me - I wanted her there, as I don't know a more critical person. This time however, I had a hard time trusting her - probably because this was so important to me. I checked and rechecked my makeup, and did my dress look right? It wasn't silly on me, or made me look fat? Or maybe...

"Calm down, you're perfect. Honestly," my daughter insisted.

I still wasn't completely convinced, but my daughter was sure: "If no man is looking at you or whistling after you, he's either gay or with his wife! You're stunning, and I'm jealous of you, too."

I smiled. Did she really mean it?

I do. Now, here's your purse, you go and have a nice time, OK?"

I nodded, I was really looking forward to this. That little nod was enough for my daughter to hush me out of the door: "OK, and you'll tell me everything about it tomorrow. Bye then dad, enjoy yourself!"

Waking up to...

Slowly I came to myself, but I couldn't move. My hands and feet were stretched out and tied - or chained - to something. A piece of black cloth was over my face, so I couldn't see a thing, and I was gagged with something that filled my whole mouth. It made it hard to make any sound at all.

A sudden breeze gave my nude body goosepimps, and the cloth blew away. The sight that met me, was a woman. Clad in black leather, and holding a whip in her right hand - and a razor in her left...

The unexpected

I couldn't believe it! Here we were in the middle of nowhere, the most desolate place on earth; Only sand as far as you could see. There had been no rain for hundreds of years, so there were no life at all - nothing that could threaten us. She - and I. And now she had left.

She wouldn't hear of how safe it was here with me, but wanted out and explore the new and unexpected. I couldn't stop her as she rushed out with the wind, leaving me staring after her. There was no chance I could save her - I had to be calm and see how she got beaten to the ground, again and again, as the impacts left her body filled with holes.

I sighed heavily - she had no chance in the sudden rain, she was such a fragile sheet of paper...

The birthday present

I looked stunned at the door opening. She had just turned around without a word and disappeared. And I who wanted so much to give her a nice surprise on her birthday.

"Didn't she want to play with us?"

I looked at the young females that were waiting with me in bed, just as puzzled. "I don't know what it was," I answered. "I mean, she knows all of you very well..."

"Don't worry," her voice sounded as she appeared. "I just had to change into something more... comfortable."

I smiled brightly at her - she looked stunning, and emitted so much warmth and love! That's why she's my favourite and only true love in the harem!


I was reading the news about all the young men that had disappeared with no trace the last months, when I noticed them. Six girls identical clad in high heels, stockings and miniskirts so short you could see their panties. The tops were very low cut too, showing off the deep cleavages - and everything in black. It must've been every man's dream, and I certainly couldn't take my eyes off them, but stared openly.

They were right next to me when I noticed one of them had a little purse; She took something out of it and pointed at me - and that was the last thing I saw in that life...


Black. Pitch black, and cold. Where was he? Slowly, as if he was afraid of what he would see, he opened his eyes - and immediately regretted! Ouch! There had to be a dozen giants hammering at his skull - what had he done the previous night?

Slowly his memories came back; A party. There was a celebration of some kind. Celebrating... him! But why? Not his birthday, so it had to be something he had done, something he had achieved...

Suddenly his eyes were wide open and he rose abruptly up from the stone floor; He had passed the test! The wizard had picked him as his apprentice!

"Yihaa!" he shouted happily. "Yihaaaaaaahhhhh, oooohhhh...." As he slowly collapsed down on the floor again, he wondered if there ever would be a spell against hangovers.

The illness

I felt terrible. Sarah had removed all my clothes as I could not use them, so I were laying nude in the bed when I woke.

There were some other clothes on a chair beside me. Her of course, as she didn't have any male clothes for me; A sweater, a pair of jeans, and a skirt if they wouldn't fit. She was a bit smaller than me, but I had to try after all - and I was surprised to find they fitted.

Everything felt weird when I shuffled towards the kitchen, but I hoped it would help with some food in my tummy. Passing the window in the hall, I noticed a teenage girl looking in as she walked by. "Cute," I thought to myself - before realizing it wasn't a window - it was a mirror!

The perfect woman

She stood in front of me, the perfect woman. Hot, sexy, scantily clad, looking directly at me, seducingly. She was a temptress, a sex bomb, a goddess! Her curveous body oozed femininity, crying out to every man with a sane mind: Come take me!

I felt it myself in my crotch - I got hard, I wanted her. Wanted her badly. But I knew I never could - not me.

I sighed, so did she - without a sound. I lifted my hand, wanted to touch her. So did she. I got closer, wanted to kiss her, and she did the same. But I stopped - I knew that it would ruin the lipstick, and I would have to clean the mirror afterwards.

Dreams come true

"Make me into someone my wife can love," the young man had said.

The young couple had tried tried every marriage councellor in New York, psycologists, doctors, even gypsy fortune tellers. Then by accident they had seen his sign in the dusty window: "Wizard - I make your dreams come true."

You have to be careful what you wish for, and he had tried to tell the young man - but he was determined. The wizard had then carefully directed the young wife's wishes into a spell that had transformed the man, and now they were looking at the result.

The man touched unbelievingly his body with his hands, and stared into the mirror; The reflection showed a perfect copy of his wife...