For Svein Kåre Gunnarson

Late on balmy evening,
Or was it early morn,
I was surfin' through the Internet,
Weary to the bone.

Where are all the pearls
The treasures of this sea?
All I'd found was flotsam
Of mediocrity.

Some links take too long to load,
Some others are too loud.
Some even with awards
Of which they are too proud.

"Sail on, Sail on," I tell myself,
And give my wrist a flick.
"There's a million places yet
"Beyond my mouse's click."

And then I found The Sultan,
One Crazee Afternoon,
Where I found santuary
In the shelter of his moon.

Here's what I'd been searching for,
A site with charm and grace.
His artwork is original
and his theme is outer space.

I met Dionaea,
Read some stories and some rhyme.
Now I've found a worthwhile site
Where I can spend some time!

So here's my invitation
To give this site a whirl.
I am so very proud to say
that "I'm a Harem Girl."

Pat "Gryphon"