My Princess

By Sozin

I watched as the sunlight danced playfully across her naked body, highlighting her sensuous curves. Her body still glowed from the after affects of our love making, a small satisfied smile played across her lips.

"Sweetie", I said with affection. "It is time to get ready."

She rolled over, pulling the sheet with her and hiding her body from my view.

"Not now, I'm sleepy."

"Ok hun, you sleep while I take my shower, but remember we're expected to be there in 3 hours, and today is THE day !"

I gave her a quick kiss, and stroked her cheek before heading off to the shower. Her only response was a low moan, I had tired her out.

When I emerged still dripping, she was admiring her naked form in the full length mirror, running her hands up and down her torso.

"Do you think they'll accept me?" she asked, not taking her eyes off her reflection.

"Of course beautiful, you know everyone loves you, why wouldn't they accept you?"

She chewed her lower lip in that cute way she does when she worries.

"Well." She said. "You know how people don't like surprises." But then she gave herself a big grin and continued with. "But, you are right, I AM beautiful!."

I laughed with her, and turned to the bathroom, motioning for her to come with me.

"Come on beautiful lady, time for your shower. Let's wash me off of you!"

With that we were in the shower, me soaping her body and scrubbing her skin hard just the way she liked. Just touching her was enough to excite me, and I rewarded my desire by bending forward and flicking my tongue across her erect nipples. She moaned, but then pushed my head away.

"As much as I want to have you pleasure me." She said. "Like you said, there's no time for that now!"

Drying off and donning our matching robes, we ventured back to the bedroom to prepare for the nights festivities.

I started off by dusting her body with scented talc powder, following that with a quick spray of the fresh smelling eau de toilette she enjoyed so much. Her body smelling lovely, I retrieved her sexy lingerie from the bureau and prepared to cover up her loveliness.

"Come sit on the chair, and let me dress you." I said.

She laughed and followed my directions, lifting her leg high enough for me to slip the silk stocking up over her shapely thighs. I rolled it up her leg slowly enjoying the feel of her ankle resting on my shoulder, then reached down for the other stocking. Both stockings on, it was time for the panties. These she put on herself while I reached around her waist and attached the garter.

Clipped and pushed up in all the appropriate places, it was time to apply the magic to her face. She sat for me at the dressing table, batting her lashes at her image, a tireless flirt even to herself!!!

First the foundation, I dotted it across her face, then blended with the sponge. Next came the blush, highlighting her already prominate cheekbones, then the compressed powder to seal it all in.

She pulled me down onto her lap and said "Do you know how much I love you? Will you promise not to leave my side tonight?"

"Of course sweetie" I promised her. "You know I love you, and I know you love me, and you can be sure I'd never leave your side, consider me glued!"

She ran her hands across my thigh, closed her eyes, let out a small sigh and muttered her assent.

"Then let's do this." She agreed. "Too late now anyway, everybody's expecting us, and we mustn't disappoint!"

With that she offered her puckered lips to me, my cue to apply the lip liner and fill it in with the lipstick. Eyeliner, eyeshadow in tones of gray to bring out the sparkling blue of her eyes, then the mascara. Done. She was a vision, the only thing missing was her clothes, and of course her wig.

I went to the closet to retrieve the dressmakers bag which held her designer gown.

Carefully, so as not to smudge her flawless makeup, I slipped the white gown over her head, and across her shoulders. It was designed to leave one shoulder bare, with a diamond encrusted brooch holding the strap across the other shoulder. The gown flowed down to the floor, hugging her curves, accentuating her breasts,and highlighting her porcelain skin beautifully. Next her wig, necessary to cover her short hair, but looking completely natural. It was custom made for her, and you would never know it wasn't her own hair. It was long and blonde, whispering down her bare back, curling slightly at the temples, thick and full and of course perfect for her.

Lastly came the shoes. 5" stiletto heels in white textured leather.

She was a vision. Perfection. An ice princess.

She twirled around the room, showing a bit of thigh from the slit in the side of her gown, letting out small squeals of pleasure.

"I am a woman". She exclaimed happily.

"You have woven your magic again and made me whole!". She came over and hugged me happily.

"Thank you." That was all she needed to say. I knew what was in her heart.

"Time for you to get ready now." She adomished me. "Go on, I'll just sit here admiring your handiwork."

With that she pursed her ruby red lips, and blew herself a kiss.

In ten minutes we were ready to go.

Time to reveal my Princess to the world.