Story-writing - again

(24th July 1998)
Well, I guess I just have to pick up the theme "writing" once more. "Have to" because it's just too fun to not let you know about it - I'm having a good time. But not alone - we're three people writing on a story right now, taking turns to write what we want. What makes this so special is, we have not made the plot clear at all, so we write what we feel should be there, trying to pull the actions of the characters in the direction we want. The two ladies I'm writing this together with may not agree with me, and will try to steer the actions in their direction.

We do not write much each - a few paragraphs, or maybe just a sentence or two, before it's over to the next. But when we try to write once each day, the story grows fast enough. When I'm writing this, we've been doing this for about a month, and the story is quite long already. And - it's exciting to both read and write. I have just finished my part, and have no idea on how those two ladies will continue. Of course, I have put up some hints trying to steer the story "my" way, but that's no guarantee - they may surprise me with their moves. They've done so before.

Due to the success we have in this story, I'm going to ask all of my haremgirls to join me in a similar project, just a different story. There must be enough of them that want to join in this, so that I can get a story - or many - for my library. As ever, you may join in on a story yourself: I have a couple of stories you can have a go at in my library, one in English, one in Norwegian.