New Year Promises

(1st January 1998)
The start of a new year, and time to promise we'd be so much better this year, some way or another. Quit smoking. Quit smoking again. Study harder. Not using so much time on the net. Get up in the mornings. The list goes on and on.

If I should make a promise, it would be to make the updates I want to my homepages. And what I want to do? The list goes on and on.... Maybe it helps if I tell some of it here in public? It's worth a try.

First of all I want to do more with my Dionaea-figure; Make more drawings and extend my art-center, and tell the story of this unique flower and place it in the library (I have started...) I want to extend the page I have on my chinese horoscope, so that it includes all 12 signs, together with the categories within each sign. Back to my art-center, I want to make more and better free art for visitors to use, and maybe try to make more fonts, too? Some "buildings" need to be tidies up a bit, and I want to make them as attractive and useful as possible, with good links to similary themes pages, making my pages a good starting point and place to return to. I'd also like to get more short-stories in my library for my visitors to enjoy. There are also a few other things thet I want to keep a sercret for now, but last, though not least, I'll try to update some pages more often than I have!