Adding new capabilities

Today, I added search capabilities to my webpages. I thougt it would be a nice addition, and make it both easier to find specific things you're looking for, and also a way to find stuff that might surprise. It will take a while before I can see how successful this is, but there are some things that surprised me when I tested it out - things that means I have to change some pages and pay attention to what the meta tags tells.

I know I've been a bit sloppy about the metatags, and noth bothered with them on many pages, but now I discovered how valuable they are; In the text I'm presenting, I may write about exactly what you're interested in - but not using the words you're searching for. Result: You may not find it and leave for another place, a pity for at least me, maybe both.

This discovery means I must go through all my pages, considering what they are about and make sure at least the most obvious words that can be used to find those pages are used, either in the text or in the metatags as keywords or description. I'm starting to get a lot of pages here (287 was indexed, but that includes some I have for a friend here too) so it's a lot of work ahead of me. Maybe not the most fun I could do, but I know it'll be worth it - and I've really learned a lesson, something I've known all along: Do it right the first time, and it'll save you a lot of work. I guess that's the morale of this story...