(4th November 1998)
By Sozin

Cliques. In high school, in college, in life, and now here on the web too. Everywhere i turn, whether it be "girls clubs" "geeks clubs" "writers clubs" it's all about who you know, then trying to change and adapt so you can possibly fit in.

I see a "Phenomenal Women of the Web" thingy, but all the women are graphic artists. Are only they phenomenal? Am i not? I go to a "critics corner" for writers, and everyone in there knows one another. Really bad poems (and I mean really bad) are getting rave reviews from their "friends". Is this right?

Why do we as a species feel obligated to "fit in", to be sociable, to blend, to join? Can we not just do something because we like it and not because others are doing it? Do we have to join "clubs"? Be a cheerleader and life is perfect. Be a football player and you'll get laid. Be an artist and everyone's your friend. Be a movie star and you get the best tables. Be good, be bad, but just BE for beings sake, not because it'll look good to others.